SenseCare, is being developed as a new affective computing (AC) platform providing software services applied to the dementia care and connected health domain where enormous potential and opportunities exist in relation to providing intelligence and assistance to medical professionals, care givers and patients on cognitive states and overall holistic well-being.

The SenseCare solution will integrate data streams from multiple sensors and will fuse these streams to provide a global assessment that includes objective levels of emotional insight, well-being and cognitive state. The potential exists to integrate this holistic assessment data into multiple innovative applications across connected healthcare and various other inter-related and independent domains. SenseCare is thematically aligned with the current EU Horizon 2020 themes of “Internet of Things”, “Connected Health”, “Robotics” (including emotional robotics) and the “Human Brain Project”.

SenseCare for the healthcare sector will lead to significant financial and productivity gains for the sector worldwide. Patients and medical professionals will now have insights into both physical and cognitive states. How these states interact medically and potential patient impacts will be understood at a much more fine-grained level by all. Such innovations will ultimately lead to factors such as reduced hospital bed occupancy numbers, reduced medical risk, better overall patient care, holistic insights, reduced financial costs, mitigating legal and insurance exposure, new data for medical research and the potential for patients to play an ever increasing role in their own recuperation process.